Here’s The Percentage Of Trump Voters Who Would Vote For Trump Again 1 Year Later

It’s been one year since Donald Trump was elected president and feels like just yesterday we were watching Hillary supporters sobbing in New York City as the results came in.  Here’s a recap.

That will never get old.

Tell me you couldn’t watch that over and over and over.

The media drank the Kool-Aid during the Obama years. So much so that they completely lost touch with the world that exists outside of their echo chamber. Sure, Washington was happy in the Obama years. The rich were happy.  The Democrats who cared more about bathrooms and cultural appropriation than they did about the economy were happy.

The people in Youngstown, Ohio? Not so much.

Hillary ignored those people. She ignored Wisconsin. Ignored Michigan. Ignored the blue collar and white working-class voters and pandered to her base instead.

Remember this painful moment?

Yes, that’s the Hillary that lost the election.  Look at the facial expression of the girl on the right. That says it all.

Knowing what you know about Hillary, it shouldn’t surprise you to know that a recent poll shows that voters still don’t want Hillary as president.

From Newsmax:

At the one-year anniversary of Trump’s election, 82 percent of those who voted for the winner said they would vote for him again.

More results, according to Politico’s survey:

7 percent of Trump voters would vote for someone else.

78 percent who voted for Hillary Clinton would vote for her again.

76 percent of Trump voters would vote for him again in 2020.

74 percent of Republicans would vote for Trump in 2020.

17 percent of Republicans are undecided about who they would vote for in ’20.

40 percent of Independents would vote for the Democrat in 2020.

That’s pretty significant. 80% of Trump’s voters would do it again.

And you know how reliable polls are.

The number is likely much higher.

Why would you not vote for Trump again?

He has cut an insane amount of regulations.  Drastically improved our position on the world stage. Put a rock star conservative on the Supreme Court. Moving forward with the wall. Primed to cut taxes in a big way. Economy booming. Unemployment down. Stock market skyrocketing.  What’s to complain about?

Yes, he’s had a hard time getting bills through. But, that’s not his fault.

That rests solely on the shoulders of Mitch McConnell and the inept Senate.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]